Dear friends, checking a laptop when buying is a must, otherwise you will simply take a low-quality product. And quality in this context means that the device should suit you in every sense. That is, you can take the perfect laptop, but it turns out that for you it is very weak, and you only had to add two or three thousand and take a better device. This means that you need to look not only at the state of the device, but also its technical characteristics and operation in real conditions. So how do you test your laptop when buying from a store?

How to check a new laptop

How do I test my new laptop upon purchase?

Appearance and kit

  • Ask the seller to show you the device. It often happens that the store does not show the device until it is received after payment. Of course, you can buy it and watch it on the goods issue, but why arrange additional adventures for yourself? If you can’t inspect the laptop that you are going to buy, then what, in general, can we talk about?
  • So, if you were given the goods, then we check that there are no dents, no scratches, or any other signs of a defect on it. This is only allowed if the store warns the buyer. How he does it? You’ve probably seen markdown products that have some problems, due to which you get a certain discount. That is, if the laptop is discounted due to external damage , then you cannot blame the seller for scratches or dents on the case. But you should understand that it is best not to take such devices.
Checking the laptop for defects

Checking the laptop for defects

  • Often in stores, a sample of the product is on display. That is, this model is intended for the user to see how the device works. And then on issue you will be given a completely new device, which has never even been opened. Now we are back to the question that you cannot see the laptop, which will actually be given to you at the end. But it is worth remembering that most products have a warranty, which we will talk about separately at the end. That is, I want to say that you should be on your guard only if there is no showcase sample.
  • A display sample allows you to demonstrate how the device works. And since you get a brand new laptop on delivery, you don’t have to worry about its safety. But it is highly recommended to check its appearance and kit on site with the seller. If you come home and find that there is no charger included (after unpacking, of course), then no one will believe you and you will be left with nothing.
  • What should be included? Undoubtedly, the laptop itself, user manual, charger . It is worth noting that there may be additional attributes, but if there are no basic ones in it, then you can safely return the goods right on the spot. There is no legal reason not to take the device back from the store.
Completing a new laptop

Completing a new laptop

Laptop operation

  • Checking a laptop before buying means seeing it at work. Again, the display case, which we talked about earlier, will come to your aid. If this is not the case, then you will not be brought it from the warehouse for testing. You will get a “pig in a poke”. It is also worth noting a very important point: all these checks should definitely be done with the final product, which will be taken out to you at the issuance of goods.
  • It is advisable to see the process of turning on and off the device. Good store sellers will be happy to help you check.
  • To test the keyboard, go to any text editor (preferably Microsoft Office Word) and press absolutely all the keys one by one. It often happens that there is a certain defect in a particular model, so you should not underestimate any of the verification stages. For example, X-series laptops from manufacturer XYZ have a disabled X key because the factory forgot to do something. We hope the meaning is clear.

Checking laptop keyboard operation

Checking laptop keyboard operation

  • Next, without a doubt, the touchpad is worth checking out . This is the touchpad below the keyboard. It should simulate pressing the left and right mouse buttons, move the cursor over the work area. Some notebooks may also have a number of features such as multitouch. That is, you can change the scale of images, quickly switch between tabs, and so on.
  • Look carefully at the laptop screen: there should be normal color rendition, there should be no dead pixels. But even if there are broken pixels on the display case, this does not mean that the same product will be waiting for you at the SERP.
  • If possible, look at the ports and inputs on the laptop so they all work. You can take USB sticks or some other testing device with you.

Laptops without OS

So how do you test a laptop without an OS when you buy it? This is much more difficult to do than with an installed OS ( operating system ), since you cannot test the keyboard, camera and other services. But then what to do? It’s recommended to just run it and see the following:

  • At least some image should appear at startup.
  • We look at the work of light bulbs on the laptop case.
  • If, when starting, instead of a picture or command line, you see a set of cubes, stripes, symbols of different colors, then most likely the end of the video card has come.
Light bulbs on the laptop case

Light bulbs on the laptop case

This, of course, does not guarantee you a full-fledged high-quality test of a laptop without an OS, but this is enough for the first stage. You can only buy a laptop without an OS and check everything thoroughly at home after installing the OS. If something goes wrong with it, then you can turn to the consumer protection law. Next, we will look at the main points that a user can claim after purchasing a laptop with a factory defect.

What to do after purchase?

So, if for some reason you still bought a laptop with a defect or you just want to return the goods, then let’s find out what the RF Law of 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 “On Consumer Rights Protection” can offer us in this case. But, first of all, it is worth noting that in the kit you should have: a receipt, a box, a laptop, a warranty card (not always) and a complete kit.

  • You can return the product if you do not like it in color, dimensions and other attributes within 14 days from the date of purchase in accordance with article 25, paragraph 1. The device must not have any traces of use, that is, it cannot be activated, installed programs, used for ten days , and then say: “Oh, I want white.” Factory seals and packaging must be preserved.
  • According to the same point, you do not have to have a cashier’s receipt: any document confirming the fact of purchasing a laptop from this particular seller will do.
  • When returning an item, you can exchange it for a new one or return the money. You can also purchase a similar laptop with or without surcharge.
  • It is worth remembering that laptops belong to the category of technically sophisticated goods, so some defects are forgivable. For example, the same dead pixels are allowed in a certain ratio. Therefore, we recommended that you watch this directly in the store before activating the product so that it can be returned immediately. In this case, do not talk about pixels, but say that you still want a different model or a different color. In any case, you have every right to a replacement.

Laptop repair under warranty

  • The manufacturer is obliged to repair the laptop within a specified time and offer another product for use during the repair. Why should you lose your job due to a manufacturer or store error, for example, if you are working on a laptop? This applies to the warranty period following the 14-day period. It should be noted that the repair period cannot exceed 45 working days, which is a violation of the law on consumer protection.
  • All claims must be submitted in writing and take a second copy for yourself, where there is both your signature and the signature of the seller. This is necessary so that if something happens, you can bring charges.
  • It is highly recommended to independently study your rights at the purchase stage, so that later there will be no problems.


Friends, we hope that you were able to check the new laptop in a store without an OS or with it. Now you know what to do, and the chances of buying a low-quality product have decreased. Do not forget to share your opinion, impressions and personal experience in the comments!

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