SEO Audit | Page speed | SEO types Black Grey and White 2021

What is the best SEO audit Tool
there are thousands of paid SEO tools which are used by many SEO specialists to find out how a website performs?
majorly I have added the 4 largest data collecting tools cause no other is comparable to them.





but how to do a free audit of a website?
Here I will discuss much more about audit and how it can be done free of cost.

firstly there are two parts in SEO, on-page and Offpage

on-page: this area covers your backend how you are managing your site, it covers

how your website looks, performs, and how much time it takes to load.
covering user experience and user interface.

if you are using a CMS(content management system) then there will be a theme and plugin which are necessary to choose.

theme and plugins also change your website’s performances

and on other hand, we have an off-page that covers all links and social signals given to your website.

For having free SEO Audit, we are suggesting a website that has tons of tools to check out your website or a single page performance

How to check page speed?

there are a lot of ways to check out page speed.
page speed is one the core web vital and matters a lot in the ranking, cause more time taken by your website increases to bounce rate(user will leave your site and look into another one due to loading time)
1.Google page speed
or any other website that gives an idea about the audit of the website covering page speed too.

Does page speed matter in ranking>?
yes, page speed has been included in web vital(most important point).

What are ranking factors?

  • Pagespeed: loading time
  • User interface: how a website looks like
  • User Experience: how the user behaves on the website
  • Fulfillment of desire of user: completion of work
  • Bounce rate: returning back
  • Sessions: how many time visitors came back
  • Time spent on the website: time took on your site by the user
  • How user ends the search, if he searches something else then the desire is complete if he returns back or searches the same thing then it will be considered as no-useful content
  • Content layout shift: this means how much movement your page makes while loading, obviously more moving makes the user experience worse


How can I rank on Gooogle?

there are multiple ways to rank on google

1.White Hat SEO

2.Black Hat SEO

3.Grey Hat SEO


White Hat SEO

in this method, you have pure data and the user is also in search of that, when google analysis that user wants your content, then it will give you ranking according to the parameter google has.

The majority do not follow this method and they do no stick-on ranking forever, and when Google comes up with certain changes then their ranking go down as compared to white hat SEO guys

Black Hat SEO:

This part covers the prohibited section from search engines just like building backlinks, as a disclaimer google suggests that do not make any backlink, if your site has worth then it will get backlinks from pages in a pure way.

But as you know man wants ranking so the spam and make a huge number of good backlink and stick on on SERP(search engine result pages)

and if search engine knows that you are making backlinks at a higher rate or spamming in another way then you will be deranked from your position and your site can be penalized forever.

Grey Hat SEO:

As the name suggests grey means there is a mixture of black and white techniques.

you make good content and give it a social signal and after some time you are going to make backlinks from high authority website and place your link on most relent pages.

For Grey hat

1.Make enough content on each page ( at least 500 words)

2.Put your keyword at for once

  • H1(tilte)
  • H2
  • H3
  • H4
  • Paragraph
  • alt text
  • Url

for better performance, you can go for Yoast, in the free version it has good suggestions.

when you are done with on-page then move to off-page

1.Social signals: this means making profiles on social platforms and linking your website and then asking friends to share that page along with you have to paste links in posts and have to share them too (pages on Facebook and Instagram and accounts on Pinterest and Reddit)

2.BAcklink: they are links to your website, which are from another website and this helps crawler to find your website easily.

What are the types of backlinks?

majorly there are 2 types of backlinks

  1. Do-Follow: in this case, another website’s link juice is passed to your website( guest post and niche edits are examples)
  2. No follows: this means the link has very little juice.

Link Authority: how much power a website has, depends upon several factors (traffic, backlinks etc)

more the authority more it can help a new website to rank, means making backlink on highly authoritative site can boost your ranking.



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