At one time, laptops gained immense popularity due to the ability to operate on a rechargeable battery , which made it possible not to be chained to one place and to do the necessary work almost everywhere. The first models could not last very long without a charge, and the nickel-metal hydride batteries used had a lot of disadvantages. But manufacturers did not sit idly by, and over the past few decades, battery technology has undergone dramatic changes. The vast majority of notebook computers today use lithium-ion batteries. They can last quite a long time and are devoid of many of the shortcomings of their predecessors.


But nevertheless, they are not perfect and can also become unusable over time. A battery malfunction is expressed in the fact that it is discharged very quickly, or the laptop does not correctly display the charge level. In this case, manufacturers and sellers of equipment recommend purchasing a new battery. But, since the cost of the original component is quite high, you can try to correct its work yourself. Depending on the degree of damage, either the battery cells need to be replaced, or it will be sufficient to reset the laptop battery controller.

Note that the battery controller is an electronic device and can also fail. If this happens, the battery will not work at all. Then all the tips below will not help – you need to repair the controller in the service or replace the battery. However, if the battery is somehow working, then the controller is operational. It only shows incorrect charging values, quickly charges or discharges the battery, and this can be fought.

It is about the last opportunity that we want to tell in more detail in today’s article. You will be able to find out when you need to reset the controller, and we will also tell you about possible ways how you can do it yourself at home.

When to reset the battery controller

The first step is to find out what the battery controller is. This is a small microcircuit built into the battery itself, which controls its operating condition, as well as the charging and discharging process. It interacts with the power controller on the motherboard of the laptop itself, and also transfers the necessary system information to the operating system. We hope you understand the diagram. We tried to describe everything in simple terms, but if you want to know the technical details, search the Internet.

When this small IC stops working correctly, it may be necessary to reset the controller. This procedure is popularly known as battery calibration . By and large, there are only two situations when this may be required: incorrect display of the charge and replacement of battery cells.

An incorrect display of the charge means a situation when the operating system of the laptop, even after a long charge, shows that the charge level is less than 100%, or the charge drops sharply and the laptop turns off not after a few hours, as it should, but much faster. Many people begin to think that the battery has become unusable, but this is not always the case. The problem very often lies in its controller, which simply incorrectly displays the charge.

By replacing battery cells, it means that in some workshops and service centers they can offer the so-called repacking of the battery, that is, to replace the worn-out internal blocks. After that, it is necessary to reset the controller so that all new elements are recognized and can be used correctly. Although, if after replacing the blocks, something does not work correctly, you have every right to make a claim and demand correction of defects.

Laptop battery replacement

Laptop battery replacement

Now let’s take a look at how to reset a laptop battery controller. Let’s touch on the software and manual methods.

Soft reset controller

On some sites you may see a recommendation to use the Battery EEPROM Works program. It is indeed a very powerful and advanced utility that can literally revive the battery in some cases. But there is one big BUT! To use it, you need to know a lot and be able to understand wiring diagrams, as well as have the necessary adapters, which are not always easy to get on the free market. We will not recommend this program to you for use in home devices, as it is very easy to permanently damage your battery. What, then, will suit you?

Battery EEPROM Works

Battery EEPROM Works window

Almost every manufacturer has built-in power management utilities. It can be downloaded from the support site, from the download page of your device’s drivers , and in some cases the utility can be either pre-installed or recorded on the included driver disc. Select the reset or calibration function and follow the instructions on the screen exactly. Most often, the utility discharges the battery to zero, and then charges to 100%. The controller will remember the extreme indicators of the charge level and will start working as it did immediately upon purchase.

Different laptops can use different software provided by the manufacturer. Let’s consider some popular models:

  • Acer – The BatteryMark utility tests the battery by fully loading the processor. If inconsistencies in its operation are noticed, a reset and several charge-discharge cycles are performed.
  • Asus has a Smart Battery Calibration option in the BIOS on the tab Here you can reset all controller data.
  • Dell – here you need to look at the utility for your model on the manufacturer’s official website. If not, you can use other programs, for example, Smarter Battery.
  • HP – on the manufacturer’s website there is a utility called HP Support Assistent, which has an option “Battery Check”

However, if you still want to perform a complete reset of the controller, then you will have to learn how to work with the Battery EEPROM Works program. But keep in mind that you do this at your own peril and risk, so it is worth experimenting if, in case of failure, it will not be a pity to throw the battery away. This utility allows you to:

  • Resets the battery charge-discharge cycle counter.
  • Changes the release date of the battery on the system laptop.
  • Flashes the real capacity of the battery in the controller.

The battery is then considered “new”. Correcting the real charge can help if the controller does not display it correctly and the laptop shuts down quickly, although the battery may still be working. This is also required after replacing the battery cells with new ones. Let us remind you again – first, learn how to use this program, as it allows you to do a lot.

Manual controller reset

If for some reason you cannot find or install the power management utility, you can manually reset or calibrate the battery. How?

  1. Unplug your laptop from the electrical outlet, then put it into BIOS mode. You can read more in the article on  how to start BIOS mode .
  2. Leave the laptop and do not touch it until it is completely discharged. Take care not to overheat.
  3. Without turning on the laptop, put it on charge. Wait until it is fully charged, for this you can leave it connected to the network overnight.

In 99% of cases, such simple actions will help bring the battery back to life. Well, if this does not help, buy a new battery, or connect the laptop directly to the outlet, while removing the battery.

Some tips for using the battery

  • If you only use your laptop at home , it may be best to remove the battery for less wear and tear. But before that, charge it about 80%, and also check the charge level from time to time, as it is prone to self-discharge. After removing, connect the laptop to the power supply and use it as a stationary computer. This option is suitable for those who have a laptop in only one place, since with this use you can lose data if you disconnect the laptop from the power source during operation.
  • To increase the operating time for your device, set the appropriate parameters in the power plan settings. Use the power saving mode if necessary.


Friends, today we talked about how to reset the laptop charge controller. We learned that sometimes the problem is not only with the hardware of the computer, but also with the software. Therefore, there is no need to rush to immediately order a new battery. We hope you succeed and there are no questions left. Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments.

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