How To Use Termux And How To Clone Facebook i.ds?

How to use Termux and how to clone Facebook accounts?

there are certain step which is needed to create clone i.ds, each will be discussed in more detail
make sure that you don’t leave important points, cause without them you will not be able to make clone i.ds

steps are underneath will require an application called Termux
2.and you will need the commands to run the application


How to get the termux app?
you can download it from the play store or from any of the websites having this application, just write Termux on google it will show you the results.

How to get commands?
I will provide you all these commands, I will try if I can make series of screenshots explaining each command.

before starting it make sure,

1. Mobile battery is enough
2. You have an internet connection
3. fast internet is the key
4.Note: it will not work properly on wifi, you will need cellular data.

so how to start it?
from now onwards we will use the Termux app with help of its commands.

How to clone Facebook accounts

Important Points before Commands

  1. Whenever you will enter the application you will see, black background and white foreground having some text.
  2. At end of the text, you will see the $ symbol, this is a very important step all the commands will be posted right after that symbol.
  3. if you are installing commands for the first time then it will take a little time, but when you all files you just need three commands to get into cloning.
  4. copy and paste the command right after the $ symbol and press ENTER key after each command enter key is necessary
  5. at a certain location for almost two points, the app will ask do you want to continue? and you need to write Y and press enter button
  6. Each command will download some files, except one which is “cd freak”, why did I mention it cause you don’t need to panic if some codes are not loading any files
  7. at the end you will require a username and password and put it as it is.
  8. After having the clones, your phone stores the downloaded file so you don’t need to start from point 1, just start it from step 10: cd Freak2  and then move with a username and password

Mistakes you can make

1.commands with capital letters but you typed In small letters

2.Not pressed or pressed enter key at different unneeded occasions

3.copied code in an appropriate way

Solution: if any case you face trouble, I have written a question at bottom of the page with the title: how to get out of a Termux? read it and remove your problem.

now, here are the commands, you need to write right after the $ sign.

  • 1:  apt update

wait for $ sign to appear

  • 2: apt upgrade

a few files then $ will appear

  • 3: pkg install python

The same goes on for the upcoming commands

  • 4: pkg install python2

keep going on

  • 5: pkg install git

files will load and keep pasting code in your mobile

  • 6: pip2 install requests

keep moving

  • 7:  pip2 install mechanize

Now at number 8 you will notice that is a link placed along with a word git clone, copy the exact code and paste it in a similar fashion as have done it before.

  • 8: git clone

at number 9, files will not be downloaded as I have mentioned earlier.

  • 9: cd Freak

This is the last command you will enter.

  • 10: python2 Freak

after all this, you will land on a new interface with three more steps to begin cloning.


1. you will require a username and password

Username: Freak
Password: Login

2.there will be three options, you need to write 1 after username and password to enter into the Facebook cloning area. the country you want, for eg press 11 for Pakistan comes phone code, press any two numbers, for eg 40 for Telenor number you can select any of the two codes you remember. but the number should be registered on any network.

for eg: 03**0000000 is a phone number and two stars are the number you put here.

Cloning will start, below the skull-shaped code, wait for clones

How to Stop Termux?

To stop cloning press the ctrl and then the Z button.

How to get out of Termux?

  1. you can restart your device
  2. go-to the application manager, clear all data

Any of the queries will be discussed in the comment section

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