Difference between Niche and Keyword

Difference between Niche and Keyword


Niche is a broad term, sometimes it’s intermixed with keywords and few SEO guys suggest that both are the same but we have differentiated them into two classes.

What is the difference between niche and keyword?

A niche is a category and a keyword is a subcategory.

U can consider niche as a main heading and keyword as a subheading, a keyword is easier to rank as compared to NICHE only.

What are the types of niches?
Niches fall into major categories just like

  • HOME And GARDEN Accessories

Selecting a niche can help for some bloggers who have enough content and backlinks, forming a faith in Search engine highly authoritative sites can only be replaced when you have gain faith in the eyes of Giant Search engines.

How to hunt a nice?

There certain tools which can provide some information about a niche but never rely on them.
Ahref, semrush and majestic can provide few hints about a niche but never be dependent upon them.

Do you know why should not believe in them?

Search for the term they have targeted and look at their results in SERP(search engine result pages)


Key+word reflects any word which is searched and researched on any search engine just like Google and Yahoo.

The keyword does not mean a single word it means a single search on google it can be of one word or of several word
Just like “SEO” is a single word and “best bike for beginner under 500” are many words but a single keyword

“Any searched term on a search engine is known as the keyword”.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a term or word which is searched on any Search engine.

What is an example of a keyword?

On-page SEO service is an example.

How to find a profitable niche or keyword?

To find a profitable niche is quite hard but finding a keyword is a bit easier.
For example, the amazon website has a huge e-commerce store and it can not be replaced easily.

To find a profitable keyword you need to go for long-tail keywords which have the lowest searches but have low difficulty in ranking too.

What is search volume?

Search volume represents the number of times a keyword is searched.
Different tools show this volume according to their own criteria.
For example, the keyword “best bikes” is searched for 100 times in a month, then on next month it was searched for 200 times.

On average it was searched 150 times

Some tools show it as it is searched, while others give average searches.

Tip: Keywords with higher searches/volume are best

What is keyword difficulty?

A keyword difficulty represents how much it is difficult to rank on any search engine.
Lower difficulty has better chances to rank as compare to higher difficulty keywords.

Tip: lower difficulty keywords should be a choice

What is CPC?

CPC stands for cost per click, this goes into revenue generation.
This shows how much a keyword is profitable.
Tip: Keyword with average CPC is best.

What is a keyword trend?

A keyword trend means a graphical representation showing how much it is fluctuating in the search engines on the basis of searches.

Tip: Keywords which are stable are likely to be picked.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density means how many times you have put a keyword into an article.
For example, the best bikes in the article can be written 2 to 3 times in different tags(H1 H2 H3).

What is keyword stuffing?

Putting more keywords in an article than should be.
For eg: best bikes in an article more than 10 times.
It really bad impact on search engine ranking.

What is keyword prominence?

Putting keywords in the main heading (H1 H2 H3 and paragraph) for once makes a keyword more prominent in search engines.
But putting the same keyword 4 times in a paragraph will have less prominence

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